L.M.C Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

L.M.C Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is a black owned company established in 2017. One male has synergistically put together this formidable and managerially astute civil and structural company. The company intends to consult on a variety of projects for both private and public-sector clients.

The company also intends to commit itself to the black economic empowerment (BEE) and capacity building through training and further education.
L.M.C Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is a 100% independent black owned and run enterprise.

The Difference

Why Choose Us

Goals and Objectives

• Provision of superior expertise in development initiatives both public and private sector,
• Supply sustainable and innovative solutions in the Building and Infrastructure industry,
• Supply cost effective and tailor suited solutions to our clients,
• Promote and maintain the culture of service excellence within the Development and Built industry,
• Help leverage the country’s growth buoyancy too far beyond the mainstream economy, thereby stimulating and supporting growth across the width.


• Commitment to growth and continuous improvement of not only those contributing directly their skills and efforts but to the environment within which the organization performs business,
• Promotion, retention and sustenance of intellectual and economic wealth through structured ownership, Attraction and anchoring into the previously neglected market of young black talent into the Natural science and Engineering professions.

Quality Policy

We evaluate our performance regularly and manage the business with innovative concepts to ensure that we continually improve our quality and service in order to achieve consistently high levels of client satisfaction through a process of continual improvement.

We Endeavour to achieve high levels of staff participation in process improvement through feedback and through the development of our staff in order that each individual can realize their full potential.

Our Long Term Vision

It is in the best interest of this Company to form significant alliances with established firms who share the same broad vision and those who would contribute to make this industry an icon in carrying the vision of the country and region at large ablaze. It is very important that in forming these alliances a careful balance is struck between maintenance of our unique identity and adaptation of best engineering practices from our allies.

Our company will also look into establishing links with various multilateral and bilateral funding institutions to initiate infrastructure and economic development in the various regions as well as introducing high-end technology to communities that would benefit the most.