Welcome to Widowed Foundation

The organization is intended to service all individuals who have lost their spouses and their families. This category also includes the child-headed families as children lose their parents or guardians.

Widowed go through various challenges after losing their partners. The feeling of helplessness, denial, fatigue, loss of interest, isolation, depression, loss of appetite and insomnia are some of the experiences that widowed experiences.

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Psycho-Social Services

We have a team of dedicated business development managers responsible for driving a pipeline of new business.

Spiritual Support Servces

We recognize that treating the whole person requires the inclusion of spiritual support.

Financial Education

Assets and large amount of money one is not used to can be overwhelming. In order to make sound decision making on the inheritance, financial education services is attached to the services of the organization.

Deceased Estate Education

This service provide education on the administration of deceased estate. All clients, including their families will also be educated. This will be conducted in a form of workshops .